Deatomization: MacAddict 2002

2002. A dozen years ago. It was sea change time for Apple, MacAddict, and me.

In addition to new computers, servers, accessories, services, and software, Apple released the original iPod.

I got an iPod for graduation. Still have it. I think the spinning wheel was the coolest thing ever. How amazing it was to start school with a device everyone was jealous of- not because they couldn’t afford it (though, wow, it was expensive!) but because it was Mac-only!

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Deatomization: MacAddict 1999

Let’s party like it’s 1999!

Let’s see. That means we need some Y2K fears, the last updates to the Classic Mac OS, some Mac OS X sightings, oh and let’s start making everything multi colored transparent plastic!

Oh, and piracy. The stand out issue for me in 1999 is the February issue. MP3s, emulators, Hotline, hacking, what isn’t to like to a 14-15 year old nerd?


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Deatomization: MacAddict 1998

Ah 1998. The end of the clones, the return of Steve as iCEO, the arrival of the G3 processor (or more correctly, the iMac). There’s a lot to love in 1998. And that doesn’t even include the release of Civilization II Gold, and the days I’ve lost to it even to this day.

Issue 17, the January 1998 issue, was my second issue ever. And what an amazing issue- a cover with Steve Jobs, a fantastic article on his return and the state of Apple, an exciting intro the the G3 machines, and all the way in the back, an article that wowed me and introduced me to retro gaming.


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