Deatomization: Apple II Micro Mansion

A few years ago I started scanning all sorts of retro computing magazines and books. After the success of the MacAddict scans, I dropped off for a while. Part of my original goal was to get, read, scan, OCR, edit (in cases of a badly scanned page), review, and have witty commentary for everything. That was pretty easy when rereading magazines from my youth- not so much for books! So let me dust off a scan and get it to the world to read –┬áDavid B. Bonynge’s “Apple II/IIe/IIc Micro Mansion Using your computer to have a safer more convenient home”

Even back when I first scanned this, the Internet of Things (IoT) was fast becoming a household item. With Amazon’s Alexa, the Nest thermostat and smoke detector, the Ring doorbell, etc. this book is a leap backwards to 1985 to see how you would go about doing the same things with a lot less processing power.

This almost 200 page book covers things that I take for granted nowadays- that is, the innate controlability of products via standard networking (be it wired or wireless) as it relates to utility products like a thermostat, alarms, speakers, even diagnostics.

Do let me know if there are problems with any of my scans – but otherwise, enjoy!

You can find this scan, and all my other previous and upcoming scans, at the Internet Archive – directly linked here!

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