PS3 Text Hacking Example

The Sony PlayStation 3 was a big deal when it came out in 2006, though I didn’t get one until late 2009. It still serves a purpose as a Netflix and Amazon device nowadays, and has had a long and interesting life. Oh, and it’s been “jailbreak-able” for more people recently with the last exploit. And that’s led to some interesting things that one can do with it. One of those things is text hacking (or even translation) for games not in your language.

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Scraping MAC Addresses from HP ProCurves

I’ve recently come off a long-term role of getting thousands of machines set up and imaged, all day, everyday, all untouched until they reach the facility. In fact, one of this blog’s first posts was about adding in a Synology to the environment. Today I’d like to discuss my technological workflow┬áI deployed in this environment.


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