Deatomization: MacAddict 2000

Ah, Y2K.

Time to shed the 1990’s designs and technologies- MacAddict starts getting “modern”, Mac OS X’s arrival brings huge sea-change, and life goes on as normal.


I don’t know what say about the year 2000 with MacAddict. I just didn’t feel the same vibe in a lot of these issues, either from nostalgia or just from a historical viewpoint. Maybe this is a period where the excitement is all focused on Mac OS X, and so until then it’s just building.

I think nothing says that more than issue 48’s cover- text, more text, and inside… interviews with people who use Macs?


Right. So there must have been some interesting things, right? Oh- iTools! I finally got rid of my Microsoft Hotmail email address and got a cool address that I still have and use today! Too bad that’s the only bit of iTools that still exists- RIP iCards.


Well, at least the speeds kept increasing. I do terribly miss when a computer from January was so drastically slower than one from the following December.


Of course with all this power comes the OS improvements- I enjoyed that this year had a great speed chart as well an OS chart.


Oh, and I’d remiss if I didn’t promote my other project, Kasper, my StuffIt Password recovery solution.


If you have any StuffIt files encrypted with a password from this era, and have forgotten the password, just drop me a line. It’s quite possible we can get your files back!

Oh yeah, the files!

MacAddict-041-200001-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 138.5 MB
MacAddict-042-200002-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 115.5 MB
MacAddict-043-200003-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 105.5 MB
MacAddict-044-200004-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 109.4 MB
MacAddict-045-200005-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 108.1 MB
MacAddict-046-200006-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 118.0 MB
MacAddict-047-200007-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 127.7 MB
MacAddict-048-200008-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 129.9 MB
MacAddict-049-200009-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 122.8 MB
MacAddict-050-200010-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 118.3 MB
MacAddict-051-200011-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 122.9 MB
MacAddict-052-200012-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 132.7 MB

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