Deatomization: MacAddict 1999

Let’s party like it’s 1999!

Let’s see. That means we need some Y2K fears, the last updates to the Classic Mac OS, some Mac OS X sightings, oh and let’s start making everything multi colored transparent plastic!

Oh, and piracy. The stand out issue for me in 1999 is the February issue. MP3s, emulators, Hotline, hacking, what isn’t to like to a 14-15 year old nerd?


One of the things that I remember seeing, but then never appeared, was the iMac had a light in it’s crazy small mouse. When the iMac shipped- no light! I’m glad that this issue covered how to hack in an LED for this iMac, as well as the insane trick of soldering in a floppy drive to an iMac. I have to wonder how many people did that?


Oh snap, a Fake ID section? How cool is that? I never had the gear to even attempt it, sadly, but looking back I can only imagine the trouble it could have caused…

Hotline- I love Hotline, and it deserves it’s own post someday, but it certainly was why I needed my own phone line, connected 24/7, where I’d download software all day and run a server all night. Would you believe my remade Hotline server has been running 24/7 nonstop on Mac OS 9 for a few months? It’s over via your standard Hotline client!


Even my father got inspiration, as this issue covers the concept of ripping records to your Mac, something he did years later (the first Deatomization, even?!)

The March issue includes an interesting Games-focused interview with none other than Steve Jobs. Check it out.


There are some disappointments forming though – Don’t take the June announcement on Half-Life too seriously, it’ll be cancelled. Oh, and that stand-out product, Bungie’s Halo, announced at MWNY (I was there!), don’t think that’s going to be the Mac-first, Mac-best game that Bungie was famous for. But hey, Oni is going to be released (Still on my list to beat, 15 years later…)


1999 certainly was interesting- starting with the Bondi Blue iMac and Mac OS 8.5, introducing the PowerMac G3 Blue & White, colored iMacs, and ending with the PowerMac G4 and iMac DV along with Mac OS 9. It was an amazing year, of course.


Also amazing are the PDFs… so let’s get to them!

MacAddict-029-199901-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 123.9 MB
MacAddict-030-199902-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 124.3 MB
MacAddict-031-199903-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 113.3 MB
MacAddict-032-199904-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 111.4 MB
MacAddict-033-199905-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 113.1 MB
MacAddict-034-199906-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 112.7 MB
MacAddict-035-199907-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 119.1 MB
MacAddict-036-199908-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 116.4 MB
MacAddict-037-199909-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 111.7 MB
MacAddict-038-199910-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 115.2 MB
MacAddict-039-199911-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 130.7 MB
MacAddict-040-199912-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 145.3 MB

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