Deatomization: MacAddict 2002

2002. A dozen years ago. It was sea change time for Apple, MacAddict, and me.

In addition to new computers, servers, accessories, services, and software, Apple released the original iPod.

I got an iPod for graduation. Still have it. I think the spinning wheel was the coolest thing ever. How amazing it was to start school with a device everyone was jealous of- not because they couldn’t afford it (though, wow, it was expensive!) but because it was Mac-only!


An issue on Mac gaming to start the year? Awesome. Unreal Tournament was my preferred FPS, especially with LAN parties. Deus Ex was the last real Mac FPS I played, certainly in Mac OS 9. iShock II? Still got mine, for those old school emulators and good old CVGS.


Fun gaming fact- I had no idea the original Bejeweled saw a Mac OS 9/X release. I mean, there was a period of time where everyone was playing Bejeweled 2, but I never thought about the original. I should load it up sometime.


Everquest came to the Mac this year. I never played it (FFXI and FFXIV are my MMOs of choice, everyone is allowed to have one right?). While I never set foot there, I always enjoyed reading about it on – which closed its doors only a few weeks ago after Everquest was shut down for the Mac. I highly recommend the archives if you want a look into an MMO forgotten by time due to its platform, broken by the lack of Rosetta, then community-led updated to run in Lion, only to be shutdown a few years later. Hit up the Internet Archive’s page for EQMac to read more!


For audio, I had a sweet set of Harmon/Kardon SoundSticks with an iSub. At college, these would gather all sorts of nicknames…



MacAddict-wise, there’s another future prediction issue- 64-bit processors, Wireless… even though thinks like an all in one phone, MP3 player, PDA seems impossible in this interview with Palm…


It seems funny but given the Handspring and Palm devices reviewed this year, we certainly were 5 years off from the iPhone itself.

For Apple, it was time for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar to go up versus Windows XP in the market.


Mac OS 9 was put to bed, and everyone was on board.


Everyone was trained in the art of the “Megahertz Myth”


And I had to open my wallet for years to maintain my iDisk and email address.


MacAddict takes a turn in design here. It was a move to modernity, a move to fanciness, and a move looking back I’d say is why I wasn’t a huge fan anymore. I certainly kept my subscription, but this is about half-way into the life of MacAddict, and I honestly feel its glory days were tied to Apple’s non-glory days. I think I may not have been alone in those feelings.




Sigh. On a lighter note, I find this Scan of a MacAddict in my scan of a MacAddict to be humorous.


As well as this crazy piece of tech that, as far I as know, never shipped. I owned the iTrip from Griffin, so I know how this would have worked, but wow- that looks like an ultra hack!


Anywho. Sorry for the months long delta between updates. Now that MacAddict 2003+ will be more “modern” and the like, I may post more together with less substance. It’s hard to be nostalgic about “how to make better videos with iMovie” than “Extreme Funny-car Macs”

The scans are linked below!

MacAddict-065-200201-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 95.8 MB
MacAddict-066-200202-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 94.6 MB
MacAddict-067-200203-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 89.0 MB
MacAddict-068-200204-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 93.8 MB
MacAddict-069-200205-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 93.8 MB
MacAddict-070-200206-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 85.8 MB
MacAddict-071-200207-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 91.8 MB
MacAddict-072-200208-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 91.7 MB
MacAddict-073-200209-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 92.7 MB
MacAddict-074-200210-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 92.2 MB
MacAddict-075-200211-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 99.0 MB
MacAddict-076-200212-BobKiwi-v1.pdf 102.2 MB

6 thoughts on “Deatomization: MacAddict 2002

  1. hey, just wanted to say this project is great!!! thanks! i’m checking out issue #1 right now. macaddict was always my favourite mac magazine, it’s great to know that the issues will be preserved online.

  2. MacAddict was a big part of my late childhood/early teens. All my friends used PCs (and of course mocked me about it on every opportunity they had), so the magazine made me feel a lot less isolated in that aspect. Also, ever since my father started buying it for me every month, my English improved like never before (I’m from Brazil). The writing style, the humor, everything about that magazine had a huge influence on me growing up.

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