Kasper: Stuffit 5 Password Recovery

I don’t profess to be an expert programmer or a skilled security researcher, but I’ve spent a lot of time over the last dozen plus years working on recovering old passwords in StuffIt archives. StuffIt was the popular compression tools for Mac users until the Mac OS X-era, when it was overtaken by the standard ZIP format (and price per gigabyte of storage reached a point where compression just wasn’t as critical). You can still purchase Stuffit Deluxe 2011 for both Windows and Mac, but for most people there will never be a need.


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AirPlay and AirParrot

I was approached with a challenge to craft a solution that will do the following:

– Allow a presenter to wirelessly display a presentation

– Allow the presenter to walk around with the device (preferably a light Windows based tablet to be held for 2-3 hours in one hand)

– Mirror the content to two television screens at once, with the content being readable on two large (40-50 inch) TVs

– Allow the presenter to utilize PowerPoint’s Presenter View to keep tabs on timing and have access to notes

– Keep the cost down while also getting it ready in three days

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