MacAddict 2005-2007 Special Releases

Hey everyone, long time no post.

I have a unique surprise today that falls both within and outside the Deatomization project.

Today, I have for everyone digital originals of MacAddict 105-107 and 109-110, and 113 to 125, being the tail end of 2005 to the very last MacAddict issue before the rebrand.

Read on to see what this entails!


In addition to these issues covering the last years of MacAddict I wanted to digitize, these PDFs provide a very interesting look into the actual MacAddict design process.

While I do plan on releasing my scans in the future, these offer some great benefits – tiny file size, no ads, and raw elements when viewed in a PDF editor.


Hmm… no ads? That’s actually a little sad. Having the ads is half the experience in my opinion- that’s why I’ll be uploading the 2006-2007 issues in the future!

Have you found other PDFs like these? Finding things like this make our job of historians so much easier! I’m thinking the missing issues in 2005 should certainly exist out in the wide open Internet, since I have gaps in the year.

Also, I know the old links have failed. MEGA has proved to be unreliable. I will be posting raw links for now under each article, and am planning an update later for hosting!

With no further ado, please find links below to this very interesting piece of MacAddict history!


Issue 105

Issue 106

Issue 107

Issue 109

Issue 110


Issue 113

Issue 114

Issue 115

Issue 116

Issue 117

Issue 118

Issue 119

Issue 120

Issue 121

Issue 122

Issue 123

Issue 124

2007, the last issue of MacAddict proper:

Issue 125

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