Deatomization: Apple II Micro Mansion

A few years ago I started scanning all sorts of retro computing magazines and books. After the success of the MacAddict scans, I dropped off for a while. Part of my original goal was to get, read, scan, OCR, edit (in cases of a badly scanned page), review, and have witty commentary for everything. That was pretty easy when rereading magazines from my youth- not so much for books! So let me dust off a scan and get it to the world to read – David B. Bonynge’s “Apple II/IIe/IIc Micro Mansion Using your computer to have a safer more convenient home”

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Scraping MAC Addresses from HP ProCurves

I’ve recently come off a long-term role of getting thousands of machines set up and imaged, all day, everyday, all untouched until they reach the facility. In fact, one of this blog’s first posts was about adding in a Synology to the environment. Today I’d like to discuss my technological workflow I deployed in this environment.


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